ALERT: DNC Insider Warns Two More Attacks on Trump

It has come to our attention from the DNC Insider that two more videos are about to surface to thwart Donald Trump’s campaign.

The enigmatic message claims they are reluctant to go to Trump Campaign as they learned 50% of his people are actually counter-intelligence for GOPe/DNC, but they don’t know whose who. Therefore, they’ve tasked Trump People to use their skills and reframe the narrative of the two videos that are much like the one leaked on Friday.

Both are framed videos and could be damaging for him with the uninformed, unpolitical savvy bystanders whom gain their news from MSM instead of doing their homework. As Trump supporters, it’s imperative you become proactive to help quash these fake victim narratives and realize they’re subterfuge instead of falling into their emotional driven ruse

Insider’s directions:

  1. Start Monday at 4:00PM Central Time, with hashtag: #NextFakeTrumpVictim – flood the Twitter waves with this hashtag to counter the fake Monday Story.
  2. Start Friday at 11:00AM  Central  Time: with hashtag; #MediasNextTrumpLie – flood the Twitter waves with this hashtag to counter the fake Friday story.

The Insider assures this will all make sense!

Keep cheering!

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