All Good Things Must Come to an End… The Death of Fox News

When this presidential election began, I predicted many careers would crash and burn once Donald Trump came onto the scene as a true contender for the White House. These latest developments have only further proved my claim that most of my contemporaries thought was most provocative as we’ve lived through many elections before…

Starting in February 1996, we’ve all grown accustomed to Fox News and its many personalities over the years. Major and others have come and gone on to bigger things but there was many who continued forward to promote and enhance the channel’s brand. For the most part, their anchors were dependable and could be trusted to give fair and balance commentary as well as deliver news items throughout its tenure. Where others have failed to uphold journalistic integrity, Fox became a forerunner in cable news, dominating ratings across the board.

For many viewers, it became a mainstay of our lives – some whom could have a tv close by even during work, were known to leave the channel on all day to stay in the loop of what was going on all over the world!

Sadly, since last August’s debate with Trump and Megyn Kelly’s on-air tiff, something happened at Fox that maybe has always been there – yet, now, it’s more explicit than ever before. They have lost their ability to be fair and balanced as now, like their other counterparts CNN and MSNBC, they are also joining the ranks of bought and paid for.

Over the last twenty-four hours, On the Record anchor, Greta van Susteren has tendered her resignation from her 14-stint on the channel’s 7:00pm est slot – announcing dry anchor, Brit Hume as her replacement. Much to many Twitterverse surprise, this seemed like a last minute snap decision but as she explained on her Facebook post, she is exercising her contract clause which allows her to leave. Citing that Fox has not felt like home to her for a number of years, it leaves viewers to ponder just how long Fox has been morphing into the left-leaning axe-to-grind channel that has become apparent over recent months during the presidential primaries.

It seems the network has been enduring several issues – from sexual harassment and allegations by Megyn Kelly, Andrea Tantaros and Gretchen Carlson, the channel has been dubbed as a ‘boys’ club’ where women are treated badly and conservative voices are quashed at all costs. In her lawsuit, Carlson just settled with Fox News for a staggering $20M while Tantaros still has her lawsuit moving forward. Roger Ailes departed the channel amid these allegations in July 2016.

Only moderate conservatives remain with the exception of Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs. They seem to be only Fox anchors/hosts that have touted their support for Donald Trump – a man Murdoch ordered to be squashed during the first debate. Many have noticed that once-regulars like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter are demonstratively absent from many of the channel’s line-up guests. They’ve lost many of their conservatives since the last election yet, kept some of the most curious suspects like Karl Rove.

For the most part, the Trump bashing has been on-going on Fox in spite of the fact their viewing audience is more supportive of Trump than any other Republican candidate and his securing the nomination to run for president. Now, they have systematically ignored much of the Clinton issues – health, criminality etc. and like CNN and MSNBC, continue to prop up her failing campaign as she goes MIA every weekend to rest. They have given Trump time but bad publicity and snidely snarky remarks can’t constitute anything close to positive coverage.

Many viewers over the summer participated in a CNN blackout which has caused the already failing network to continue its Nielsen plummet, leaving them third in a three-contender channel race. Fox News apparently thinks it’s too big to fail as their assets continue to exit.

Perhaps Rupert Murdoch has over-shot his channel’s popularity, foolishly thinking his people weren’t the reasons viewers continued to remain loyal. It’s anyone’s guess; however, the gamble may be a disaster either way. Guess we’ll all have to see in the upcoming months as the election continues to come ever-closer and people begin to search out alternatives to gaining news about the candidates. Surely such news outlets like Breitbart and other online forums will continue to surge while FNC may not see any growth but decrease.

It’s always sad to see eras ending – and as stated above, it’s not like Fox hasn’t been careening towards this since last summer, but all the same, they will be missed. However, in this death it does leave an opening for some enterprising person or persons to step in and fill the void Fox will leave as they leave behind true journalism for theatrical news propaganda!

Whose the next to exit Fox News and its affiliates? Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs or Catherine Herridge?

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