ALERT: Trump Train Jumpers Convert to Snowflakery!

One airstrikes makes not a declaration of war!

Last night’s airstrike was a last-minute shocker that rocked many not expecting the President to act so quickly. In fact, it was so much a shock, it sent waves of upset through the most unexpected places — some of his supporters whom have, for over a year, been singing his praises!

A stunning display of Trump supporters tweeted of their jumping ship because of Syrian Airstrike became a  most disturbing sight and makes one wonder just how much stick-to-it-ness aka loyalty, we have in our culture today!

Amazingly, the armchair Generals, Admirals, Colonels and Presidents are out in full force, weighing in on things for which they don’t have clearance to know in total. It’s well above their paid grades, yet they think they have all the answers as well as possess higher clearance than our President. When in fact, they have not one clue about what it takes to be President of the United States of America – and all this entails.

Sometimes you have to make tough calls. Sometimes you have to put aside your own proclivities and listen to the intelligence you’re given and make a judgment call, which affects billions of people in the large scheme of things. Simply put, the decisions our President makes on a daily basis, would have “Sodom & Gomorra shooting golfballs.” (G.I. Jane quote)

At Mar-Lar-Go, watching Syrian Airstrike
(WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer Tweet 4-7-2017)

In fact, judging by our President’s expression as he watched the airstrike unfold, it didn’t look like he was feigning any upset but demonstrated genuine concern. Its acutely apparent, he has a full command of the gravity of his decision because, after all, it’s serious business; not for the faint of heart!

Yet, many out there today are hemming and hauling, having verbal tantrums and screaming for multiple hour periscopes about the injustice of it all. This isn’t the first of this unrest over our President’s actions since taking office either.

The same thing happened when Paul Ryan didn’t pull off his end of the Congressional bargain and failed to bring to bring a vote to the floor for the repeal and replace of the nefariously unconstitutional Affordable Healthcare Act (fiasco) also known as Obamacare, many beating the tom-toms having a hissy because things didn’t happen just as they believed they were ‘promised.’ They spouted about losing faith, things not working quick enough – as if they had elected Samantha Stevens or Jeanie instead of a mere mortal who has to work within the quagmire we also affectionally refer to as Washington, DC.

Yes, it is about making deals, but President Trump can’t deal with people who are insatiable or bent on poisoning their own population for some unbeknownst reason. In essence, he struck a deal with the world last night, telling everyone the United States is no longer on it’s last 8-year golfing vacay!

While it’s never unwise to question and seek information as verbal discourse over politics is one of the cornerstones of our country. It is prudent for us to all look at things told to us by our lying liberal media with a skeptical eye; however, it is not acceptable to start canning a president with emotional upheaval based on emotions rather than real information. To do this, is only proving they’re no better than the snowflakes they chastised no more than a week ago. People going overboard and sending nasty grams to his Twitter with threats of jumping off the Trump Train only shows a lack of maturity and loyalty.

President Trump hasn’t abandoned anyone in his fold; his agenda is still very much intact, moving forward and we are his only Special Interest group. He’s not going anywhere and he’s still the same guy who continues to work 20 hours a day, 7 days a week to make our lives a much better place to be.

Additionally, as more information surfaces in the hours after, the airstrike was not without purpose. Statements had to be made not only for our enemies but our allies as well. It was time to put everyone on notice, we don’t make lines in the sand and then go off to Hawaii for a 10-day excursion. We had put our actions where are mouths are — and we don’t allow people to be killed in the sake of Real or Fake Flags events.

Instantly reverting to snowflakery is just as nonsensical as crying when your candidate loses and then refusing to admit her defeat. It shows a lack of conviction that accepts, as adults, we’re not going to always agree with everything any president does but we’re willing to stick it out and be in it for the long haul!

As for us, we’re waiting until all the information is in before we make any definitives, but knowing what we know about our man Trump, we’re confident, there was a brilliant reason behind his actions and we aren’t leaving his train!

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