ALERT: GOP Primaries Aren’t Over Until June 7th

UPDATE AT BOTTOM. Confirms everything here within.

By Thornton Crowe

Bill Kristol Weekly Standard Editor & NeverTrumper
Bill Kristol
Weekly Standard Editor & NeverTrumper

Yes, I know you’re thinking, has Thornton lost his mind?! Absolutely, not. Ever since Tuesday night, a black cloud has hung over my head. Something just didn’t feel ‘right’ about Cruz’s (and then Kasich) suspension. He claimed he was going to keep fighting for liberty. The words, keep fighting, were the tall tale sign that all was not right in politico-land. That maybe there was something more afoot than what meets the eye. Leaving this feeling that something nefarious was still going on, it never subsided until this morning thanks to some friends in Twitterverse! The eureka came like a bolt of lightning on a hot summer night.

Now for a little history lesson. In 1976, right before the California primary, then candidate Ronald Reagan suspended his campaign because the other guy was surpassing him. Did he stop? Did he disappear? Hardly. At the convention, he came back with some delegates he had procured during his ‘suspension.’ Hence, even though he ceased stumping, he was still very much in the ‘game’ of trying to gain more delegates to take to the convention.

Ah, this makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it?

As we’ve all seen, the MSM has swiftly moved beyond the primary, tooting the Republicans have cinched up their man and the Never Trump people have literally flooded Fox News and all the other talking head networks. Karl Rove has been in absolutely ecstasy telling us about how Trump will no doubt lose to Clinton and it’s all the voters’ fault. He’s quite confident of this as a fact rather than some fantasy he’s created in that small mind of his. Everyone is going on about the general election now, hoping the smoke and mirrors will turn our attentions away from the Big Steal!

But has Trump really won the nomination yet?

Cruz with Trump when he accepted Trump’s Donation to his Senatorial Campaign

The answer is NO. NO. And NO. He will not win until he gets the 1237 delegates needed to secure it without any recourse for bought delegates on a second, third or fourth ballot. Our man needs to win on the FIRST ballot! This goes without question and unfortunately, that’s the facts, Jack.

Therefore, we can’t just sit back and pop the bottle of Dom Perignon while smoking our newly legal Cuban cigars just yet!  Hardly!

So what does this mean to voters from the remaining states? GET OUT AND VOTE. Do NOT take anything for granted. You have to be vigilant and make your voice continually heard over and over and over again. The GOPe isn’t going to just lay down and accept defeat before the convention. Reince is only telling you what you ‘want’ to hear but it’s far from the truth. The visions of fairy tales, sugar plums and dancing elves bent on taking this nomination away from Donald Trump are still pertinent and alive in the hearts and minds of minions like Bill Kristol, George Will, Ben Shapiro and Jamie Weinstein. Because they think we’re stupid voters, we won’t see beneath the carefully planned subterfuge they planned to defraud the American voters. Yes, fraud is a very strong word but it’s the only one that most accurately depicts what’s going on.

Voters WAKE UP and stop being sheep, buying into the American version of the Third Reich propaganda machine! Realize that this is not a game. A Clinton presidency will no doubt, forward the downward spiral started by George H.W. Bush in 1989 towards a New World Order which includes destroying American Sovereignty and the utter eradication of the United States’ Constitution. The time for choosing is NOW. Not next November. Next November is merely the death rattle of the last American election should we choose without careful thought – divorcing ourselves from flawed ideology that produced such grand winners like Mitt Romney and John McCain.

And of course, we all know how that turned out…



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