ALERT: Beware of Wolves Masquerading as Charity Donations for TX Victims

It has come to our attention a rather disturbing development in the race to raise cash for the Texas flood victims as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Apparently, there are some charities whom claim the proceeds are going to the victims; however, on investigation, it seems the money is being funneled into PACs against the Trump Agenda and other malcontents from the felonious Left.

One would think in times of crisis, a person’s good will would come forth but there are some groups who will exploit anything to get a buck to promote their agenda – acts of natural disaster are not immune. In fact, such incidents are breeding grounds for those with malfeasance in mind. It preys on our philanthropic spirit and takes advantage of the most vulnerable sects of our society — elders in particular.

Linda Sarsour seems to be one that has been recently been busted for doing just this kind of false advertising.

In other words, not one cent of this money will be donated to people who have lost their cars, possessions, and even their entire homes. Instead it’ll be poured straight into the pockets of activists such as Sarsour as they continue their political posturing, dividing the country over race and “inequality” in the wake of Harvey’s devastation rather than focusing on the nonpartisan goal of helping Texans restore their community. (by Alexandra Desanctis at National Review – link below)

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Therefore, we caution you to give wisely and thoroughly check out any outfit promoting benefits for the hurricane-torn areas. One way is to contact the Attorney General’s office in Texas, because they usually have a thumb on the legal pulse when it comes to reputable charities.

What to do if you’ve given money to a nefarious outfit…

Contact your State’s Attorney General office immediately. While these PACs are legal, they are fraudulently misrepresenting their ploys for relief money. This is a crime and should be reported as such. If your state appears apathetic, the next best place to go is the Justice Department in DC. From their website, the following information is listed:

Disaster-Related Fraud
Contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud at (877) 623-3423, by fax at (225) 334-4707, or by email at (link sends e-mail).

Correspondence may be sent to:
National Center for Disaster Fraud
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4909

In other news…

With donations, it is widely known the Trumps have donated at least $1M to the relief victims even though the President is not taking a salary in his civil service position. Ironically, the Left and RNC established presidents don’t seem to be following suit.

One source cited the Obamas, the Clintons and the Bushes have pledge no money towards the Texas victims. Mind you, the Bushes are from and live in Texas as well as George W. being a former governor yet, with all their millions (or billions) they have not come forth to help their actual neighbors.

As for the Clintons and Obamas, their anti-American stance has made it a clear reason why helping Americans out without churning a profit is out of their scope. Surprisingly, the Clinton Foundation, like Sarsour, hasn’t come forward like they did with Haiti, to exploit America’s collective good charity but since their ruse was busted in Clinton Cash, it’s probably a good thing they’ve removed themselves from their previous charity racket.

It seems there is no end to what the Establishment and Lunatic Fringe Left in our country will go through to stand their ground; so much so, even victims of natural disasters are not immune from their fodder and contemptuous actions and attitudes.

Is there any reason why a Democrat or RINO should ever be elected to a position of power again?

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