ALARMS are going off…

Over the last 24 hours with the whole Russian hysteria one thing has come about that should cause all Trump supporters great alarm. It seems that Mitch McConnell, Senate Leader and Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House have sided with the nonsensical false Russian story.

On Fox News Sunday, our President Elect Donald Trump scoffed at the upset over Russian hacking into the election when asked by Chris Wallace for his opinion. A reasonable response considering the origin – the New York Times and the Washington Post. The story is highly unlikely due to the fact all their secret sources were not credible and other agencies have debunked it. As per the FBI, James Clapper and many others including CIA personnel, both stories are patently false; therefore, a non-story generated by the Democrats who can’t seem to come to grips with their loss.

Now, the former #NeverTrump brigade — headed by Ryan and McConnell have all come out to support some nefarious investigation when hacking wasn’t a problem for them when Hillary Clinton had a weak server in the bathroom. As many of you remember, there is some suspect that because assets’ located throughout the world were named in top secret emails located on said server, resulted in at least one Iranian doctor (one of our assets) was hung for treason in Iran.

This should be of grave concern for all Americans who voted for Trump’s proposed changes because this looks like the continuing signs of traitor resistance we witnessed throughout the primary and general elections.

When will this stop?

Ryan, while on Sean Hannity’s show last Friday, expounded excitement about Trump’s victory and stated that DC needed to stop underestimating the President Elect. He went on to talk about how cohesive they’ve become in their daily conversations and his anticipation to a great working relationship with Trump… Then, Boom! Monday. Resistance and failure to side with Trump – AGAIN!

Prior actions like this are the very reason why so many are upset over Ryan’s re-election as Speaker of the House. We see this as an act of defiance rather than solidarity and unity with Trump. Many are now tasked to contact their representatives within the Congress GOP to reconsider this situation. Frankly, citizens are getting tired of this battle in the DC GOP against Trump and it needs to cease. If Ryan doesn’t want to support his agenda, fine, then he can go back to being Joe-Blow-Congressman.

At a time when so many Americans need jobs and problems solved, these two DC establishment hacks chose to go against the President Elect we voted for and play politics is simply unacceptable.

We voted for Trump because he’s a doer who doesn’t get all weak in the knees over every whimsical temper tantrum the Left throws when they don’t get their way. Furthermore, remember this: while Ryan won Wisconsin, Trump won most of the country. (See image) If pictures are worth a thousand words, the above is worth over 62M of them. End File.

Guess we’ll see what happens but this makes it pretty clear McConnell and Ryan plan to squander the gift voters bestowed on them by giving them a GOP President. Hopefully, Trump will begin draining the swamp soon – starting with those two, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham!

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