Will the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity take hold?

Yesterday as everyone was licking wounds from the Moore loss in Alabama, many Democrats took the opportunity to slice and dice President Trump; however, some things began to surface, which causes one to ponder: Did Voter Fraud occur during the election yesterday?

Some have indicated the election was a trap of sorts, designed to expose the Democrat Voting Fraud machine we saw explained in Project Veritas videos the summer before last. Remember, that’s where a couple of DNC operatives admitted (on video) about how they bus people into polling areas and have out-of-towners pose as legitimate voters – voting for the Democrat candidates, of course!

Wonder why buses arrived in Mobile last Monday Night? Does Alabama Voter ID laws really matter, when you can do provision voting and write-ins? Did you know dead people have been voting for decades through Absentee ballots!

Well, it would seem some of the lawbreakers attending Doug Jones’s victory party admitted to a Fox News Affiliate in Alabama, FOX10, they were college students who traveled from all over the country on a fellowship (can you say Soros?) to Alabama to vote, canvas an got ‘their boy elected‘.

Do I have to even mention this type of activity is a federal crime?

Someone at these kids’ colleges surely recognizes them and should report them to their academic advisers because most universities have behavior codes which prohibit criminal activity. Meaning, they could face expulsion because what they did was a crime in every sense of the word.

Also, why didn’t the FOX10 reporter who interviewed them, contact the local sheriff’s department or alert election officials? Complicity by silence is still accessory to a crime, kids.

Here is a couple of kids laughing and partying down in their victory, take a moment to expose their lawbreaking activities for all the world to see.

22K Write-Ins? Why do they do it and admit it so blatantly?

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One of the easiest answers is, they don’t get caught because the Federal Election Commission very seldom goes after voting fraud as we’ve seen in many elections – especially since the Clintons’ time in the White House.

They don’t get caught so they believe it’s acceptable for them to travel to other locations to vote for people in elections, which for all intensive purposes, are none of their business!

The image to the left is advertising posted on the social media site Reddit, where they were offering money for people to break the law. Isn’t that a violation of many federal and Alabama state laws?

This is hardly winning on merit; it’s cheating.

How are we to trust a system where cheating is not only overlooked but condoned by silent capitulation?

In short, you can’t have trust in any system where deception is accepted activity. Yet, we hear of nothing from the Media or Federal Law Enforcement about bringing election cheaters to justice.

Everyone’s a Political Buddha and Soothsayer

Additionally, we see the Media rubs salt in the wounds by making the challenger appear to be a sour grape eater. [WAIT, thought recounts were cool when crazy Green Party Candidate Jill Stein did it in General Election for the Democrats in key states… hmmm] Piling on, talking heads like Governor Mike Huckabee make snarky remarks towards Republican candidate Roy Moore about “nobody gets a trophy for losing“.

Really? Would the Governor like it if people were bused into his district to vote him out of office when he was running for an elected office? Chances are, probably not. However, this rush to judgment atmosphere, most talk way ahead of their head and good common sense!

It’s a good thing Moore didn’t throw in the towel because we may unearth and quash much of the age-old cheats mostly perpetrated by Democrats who win elections this way because they lack any focus or answers to everyday Americans’ needs.

In the end, with the sex allegations, which by no means have been proven as fact – in fact, they evidence has indicated to the contrary – may have weighed in with some Alabamans staying home last Tuesday. However, we must remember a person has the right to presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Thus far, it’s been the other way around for many.

While I usually frown on voting recounts because it does look like a sour grape mentality, in this case, given this evidence, I’m inclined to make an exception!

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