After the ABC Lie Exposed, Markets Open Substantially Higher!

Retirees can breathe again as their 401Ks recover from the big Friday Free Fall…

The Market just opened 240+ points higher than it’s dismal showing on Friday afternoon after Brian Ross lied led to 350+ crash. Many speculate the crash demonstrated how close the Wall Street investors are following President Trump and his agenda for America. Should it be derailed, investors answers the call with sell-offs, meaning losses for many.

In a provocative tweet over the weekend, the President suggested investors who experienced losses on Friday, should entertain a lawsuit against ABC News and Brian Ross.

Others have questioned whether ABC and Ross had much to gain from a crashing market. However, it would seem both lack the prowess and savvy to create such a plot.

Good to see the market rebounding to its proper highs as we move forward with the new Tax Bill in conference, starting today!

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