COMMON SENSE: A Novel Approach to Governance

Our Commander In Chief proves he’s also America’s Chairman of the Board…

When we elected President Trump, we understood that accountability was his ‘thing.’ Being a CEO of a large conglomerate requires a sense of strong work ethics and, anyone working seven days a week,non-stop, would expect nothing less from people there to support him. Many employees came forward from his organization to attest to his tenacity and fairness – his emphasis on loyalty we also witnessed. Apparently, Sally Yates didn’t get that 411 or her allegiance was to a bygone administration and it was her time to go.

We all knew the minute she released her hysterically wrong statements that her moments were numbered; however, the lightning fast tenor of the President’s response was refreshing but also alarming to the Left who was banking on their Department of Justice ally to do their biding for them. Cannot help but think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer had something to do with Yates’s shenanigans yesterday. Therefore, it was probably just as much a shocker for the two top Democrats on the Hill, as it was for everyone else.

Make no mistake, President Trump ran and has been following on his promise to Drain the Swamp. Has anything he’s done since taking his oath indicated any change in his directive to do so? Absolutely not. He’s draining the swamp both metaphorically as well as literally. He’s not taking any prisoners as he goes through the departments, telling employees to put up or shut up.

An example of the new work anthem in DC is during yesterday’s briefing when Press Secretary Sean Spicer made it clear that people not wishing to support the President’s initiatives should get out. Last night’s firing is an indication just where that sentiment originated — and it’s a typical CEO position.

Furthermore, it should be a sign that it’s time for Senate Republicans to get off the dime and get Jeff Sessions confirmed as he’s the one President Trump handpicked for the position. The President of the United States should be able to pick his own cabinet without a bunch of interference from Congress or the Senate. It’s not like the President picks their staff members for them; therefore, the same should be extended to him in kind.

The Senate Democrats have done everything but stand on their heads to thwart our government to get up and running under the President, which has not only irritated constituents – including their own, but also put our lives in danger. Much of what happened on Saturday was really their fault as they should’ve been confirming his cabinet a month ago, but instead, decided to place interference at every turn. All the crocodile tears in the world won’t change that inconvenient fact!

The simple fact is this, his Immigration was cleared through the DOJ before it was signed and it is lawful and constitutional. Here is the US Code that gives President Trump the mandate to execute his Executive Order.

Additionally, don’t let the lying liberal Media fool you, this has nothing in common with the Saturday Night Massacre when Richard Nixon fired of two Attorney Generals for refusing to fire an outside prosecutor appointed to investigate Watergate in the Seventies. The differences between the two incidents is like comparing apples with a Honda Accord. They have nothing in common whatsoever, yet the liberals in the Media will try to parlay some remote chance to marginalize President Trump or try to make him appear incompetent or corrupt. Inform yourselves and read the Executive Order for yourselves before passing judgment or relying on the Media to do your thinking for you! Consider the source..

All of Washington should see last night as a huge wake up call that all the jerry rigging is simply not going to fly with President Trump. He’s astute, alert and engaged; therefore, any monkey business is not going to be tolerated on any level. And being disloyal, well, that’s the card of instant death in his Administration.

Have fun, kids, we’re in for a really big treat!

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