Who Is Thornton?

Dear Readers:

By this point, I’m sure many readers will come to the conclusion I’m no one and everyone at the same time. A guy who observes the world around me and tries to sort out what’s really going on and the why — yet, I must confess, it’s much more.

Thornton is everyone who has a desire to investigate and ferret out the truth about our country’s inner workings. Armed with a thorough knowledge of history, it has become painfully clear that we don’t remember our history and thus, repeat it with nauseating frequency. The purpose of this blog is to not only teach the history you don’t learn in school, but to provoke you to think about the past and how it mirrors within the current day events. I created this website because I found so many seemingly informed voters lacked the command of our country’s history. As a historian, I felt it was imperative for people to learn about their country’s roots and the real history Common Core doesn’t want people to know.

Politically Conservative, I am a staunch supporter of the United States Constitution and do not like nor appreciate any entity or person whom infringes on the inalienable rights as guaranteed by our country’s ruling document. Therefore, expect to find articles on corruption, hypocrisy and malfeasance on this site because I have many opinions on those subjects, too.

Another bur I constantly challenge is the mainstream media‘s slanderous biased coverage of all things government. Meaning – their pandering and pimping for one party while demonizing and vilifying the opposing one. This is not limited to the election; however, many things will be geared to it as it’s the ‘thing’ going on right now!

After all, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
I love verbal discourse and exchanges so please  comment on any of the articles you find interesting, insightful or offensive. You can post your comments anonymously and even though I’ll be monitoring them, if done without extreme vulgarity and hate speech will publish, whether or not I agree with them. However, please note, I will usually answer back in the comments, so get your Wikipedia open to retort with facts!


Thanks for visiting and hope you’ll become a regular on Crowenation.

With much respect,
AKA Everyone and No one all at the same time.


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