A Very Special Anniversary: the Courtship between America & Donald Trump

It was two years ago today that our worlds changed drastically. 

A typical pre-summer day in New York City, the hub of activity was at the infamous Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue, produced one of the most historic moments in our presidential history. And since, that moment our country has never been the same again.

Now President Trump changed over from being a private citizen with a very public life as The Apprentice star to run for the highest office in the land. To some, this was a long awaited event since the emergence of his views in the Eighties; for others, it was a horror to think someone coming in and daring to challenge the establishment. Yes, he was daring because as we all know, the political elite class cultivates candidates – having them rise through the DC ranks while grooming them to be president.

Donald Trump was un-groomed, a commoner by all sense of political elites’ view. He was not the person they ever envisioned as being President. He was one of the little people with a high profile persona. This offended many – on both sides of the political spectrum because he couldn’t possibly know how to run a country. Really? He ran a multi-billion dollar, international corporation but that didn’t mean anything to political upper crust whom fashioned themselves not only as government leaders but moralists for America.

People like Al Sharpton and Kathy Griffin who once posed with him every chance they got now, call him a racist, sexist and every other name in the book. They hold up his decapitated head in a macomb dark art and think nothing of Shakespeare in the Park (the very park that has an ice skating rink thanks to Trump) depicting his assassination as a modern day Julius Caesar. Yes, even Meryl Streep defiled him during an award ceremony instead of thanking the people who voted for her to have her lifetime achievement award while Madonna levied a battle cry saying she has thought often of blowing up our (yes, OUR) White House.

The Liberal temper tantrum has been epic and still on going to this day.

His past was not spotless – or fabricated to appear spotless. We all knew about his divorces, affair with Marla, bankruptcy and Twitter/public jousts with has-been celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell; therefore, his reputation was blemished beyond what politicians deemed acceptable presidential material.

Here is those famous moments that set history and provided us all with a beacon of hope that somehow we would stop the downward spiral our country has been in since Reagan left office. Sure, we all knew Donald Trump wasn’t perfect, but then again, neither is any of us – but his honesty no matter how to the bone, was a refreshing change from the the glib shiny facade of liars on the Hill. Many knew he was the real deal and embraced him with a pure heart and open mind.

We embraced his views about America’s desperate need to have patriotism, balance budget and common sense governance again. It was time for us to look out for ourselves before footing the bill for the rest of the world. It was time to stop the globalist cancer first talked about by former president Bush, Sr. It was time for America to be (and feel) great again.

He took on the Liberals, Republican Establishment, the Clinton Machine and Media against all odds and came out victorious. He won. We won. And yet, to this day, even after months of his great governance, accomplishments and advance forwards making America great again, many still vilify and demonize him. In my article, Just Image…would you want to be Donald Trump? I discuss the horror he’s endured all for us to have a competent leader instead of a corrupt criminal syndicate in the White House.

When I think about the sacrifice and lifestyle he gave up to be our leader, it is disheartening to see the witch hunt rallying against him. He didn’t have to do this; however, President Trump saw it as a calling when he watched the rest of the disintegration of our country with one failed globalist policy after another tore apart at the seams of our existence.

I am thankful every day that Donald Trump dared to come down the escalator, changing the world – our world – forever. He deserves our respect regardless of whether or not we agree with him – and that means everyone – because he’s the only person whose actually earned his place to be president in many years.

Thank you, President Trump, for loving this country enough to persevere and working towards making America great again. Thank you for inspiring us to feel better about ourselves and our country again. Thank you for being you; as you’re a real-life hero. We haven’t had one of those in a seriously long time, indeed.

This was an event that no doubt changed his entire world – and I’m glad you brought us along for the ride! Happy Anniversary, sir!

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