A Stark Contrast

Over the weekend, two very different campaigns were in progress. On one hand, Hillary Clinton was busy meeting with donors to raise more money for her limping campaign; while on the other, Donald Trump was in Detroit attending an Evangelical church within the Black Community.

After Trump’s impromptu visit last week in Mexico, he has disturbed the political pundit elites and MSM alike in the worse way. Falling all over themselves, they are stunned as to how to run cover for their favorite darling as she shies away from any public appearances and hasn’t had a press conference in well over 270 days.

As commercials for Clinton continue to molest our televisions, telling us how dangerous Trump is for America, it seems he’s the only one whose actually taking the initiative to meet Americans and find out their problems while asking them to help him fix their woes. Of course, Democrat Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan makes a fool of himself by slamming the visit, many voters are looking at Trump as being proactive where so many Democrats haven’t bothered to be active at all. On Twitter, many people have herald his visit as a very positive sign to Black voters their days of being ignored by DC will be over if they give Trump a chance to work for them and be their voice.

Speaking to the congregation at the Great Faith International Ministries, he asked them for the chance to help them restore their fallen community and bring jobs back to the Detroit area. His hope is to bring back the American Dream for everyone – not just a few elites inside the Beltway. While some of the media claimed he was trying court the Black voters, it was clear from his reverence to the event, he was there to relay his genuine concern for their well being and seeking to understand what is necessary to help them revive their community.

His message is clear and concise – he will work for the voters and put Americans first above all others. Unlike his opponent, he’s made it clear he wants everyone’s vote – running a 50-state campaign rather than pandering to just the battleground states. The last presidential candidate to do this was Ronald Reagan in 1980 and we all know how that worked out.

In contrast with Trump, after her one public appearance all week, Clinton has retreated into hiding – probably still reeling from the Friday dump of information with the release of the FBI notes from their July 2nd interview with her, where she claimed 40 times she couldn’t recall pertinent events and briefings. The interview seemed to be a huge farce as she DK (Didn’t Know) her way through it, leaving many to speculate either she lacks the mental capacity to serve as president or is just covering for her criminality.

Either way, the general sentiment towards her is not good as it did nothing to exonerate her from all the allegations and doubt swirling around her during this critical time in the general election.

A stark contrast to Trump’s visit with Americans on their turf,  by retreating to the donor class, she only furthers many’s opinions that she is not interested in Middle America but is more interested in gaining wealth and power. Either way, once again, Clinton was missing in action while Trump still comes out front and center regardless of the Democrats or MSM backlash to meet with the people he wants to represents.

Now, I ask you, who acts like they really want to be your president? Think the answer is pointedly clear who wants the job for the right reasons!

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