A Political Ruse: Franken Schmanken

Is there anyone reading this not familiar with Al Franken (D-MN) and his lurid past as a comic whom engaged in tasteless jokes and unwitting banter? After allegations (and proof) of his sexually charged indiscretions, many on the Hill are clamoring for him to resign. Is it a mere disingenuous action to score political points or set up a precedent to out an incoming Senator they don’t like because he supports the Trump Agenda?

If those cries were in any way genuine, most Americans would be on board with their outrage; however, given the fact it looks like Roy Moore will win Alabama’s Senate seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions, now they’re all about the sexual allegations and misgivings on the Hill. Interestingly enough, most of the women who are beating the tom-toms, have been well aware of the Capitol’s indiscretions but chose to ignore the situation for years – in some cases, decades.

As you all know, a month back, Moore was accused of sexual misconduct in 40+ year old stories which for the most part, have been debunked through hard evidence. However, many in DC see him as a threat because he’s made it clear, he will fully support President Trump and the Make America Great Again initiatives we all voted for November 2016. Could this be a way of posturing so when Moore sweeps the southern state, they can justify some sham ethics committee witch hunt? Well, let’s look at the reality.

We all knew when Mitt Romney began spouting off, Moore wasn’t going to promote the GOPe’s (the Establishment Swamp things) agenda or parlor tricks to subvert our President. If we learned nothing else from the last election, we did learn that sore-loser Mittens will always be on hand to slap down the President even though that same president gave him a shot at the Secretary of State position earlier this year – against many of his base’s protests.


First off, folks, it’s all a political ruse portrayed by many liberals who have failed to do many things to promote Americans’ best interests. If you look at the naysayers, Kamala Harris (D-CA), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) — none of them worked on policies that truly matter to us. i.e. Healthcare and Tax Reform, the Border Wall and bringing jobs back to America. These were big ticket items over the last two elections (2016 and 2017) but for some reason, this is lost on these three who are now creating all kinds of scuffle over sexual misconduct.

While his actions were atrocious, Franken has never been the most clean candidate. These allegations and pictorial evidence stem all the way back to his days as a fledgling comic. Therefore, the sudden outcry is a bit too placid for us to fall for some moral uprising. His tasteless jokes and obsession with grabbing women’s breasts is nothing new, so why wasn’t this an issue when he was elected? It’s not like there weren’t red carpet images with him grabbing women not floating around the internet.

Second, whether they like it not, Democrats are having to grapple with the fact that the Trump Administration is winning. Reports verified last week, for the first time in 10 years our GDP is over 3%. A far cry from Obama’s >2% GDP which has produced hardship for many Americans for the last 8 years. Also, jobs have come back to the country after being outsourced abroad for years due to Democrats’ globalism endeavors. Now, tax reform is making it’s way through the final stages before landing on the President’s desk – another fail for the Democrats in a spectacular fashion because we all know they did nothing to make it a reality.

In all, the Democrat party is failing to woo anyone but themselves and their machinations continue to have the voting public look at them as if they’ve dropped their collective basket.

When all of your arguments and pontifications are based squarely in the intangible, ideological world with no real problem-solving answers – this is what happens when you have no real solutions for Americans’ everyday lives and live in abstraction. It’s the ultimate mic drop!

The bottom line is, Democrats don’t have any answers to serious issues. Economy, Foreign Relations, National Security – none of which they have a clue but they do realize their lack of focus and dedication to America has become a crystal clear, optic problem. Therefore, this latest dust up over crazy Al is merely a way to take the eye off their losing game and further vilify a man whose state wants him in DC, fighting the good fight.

The real shame of all the DC disingenuous blather is some women have experienced real violations; however, now they’re being propped up and touted merely to score political ground and deflect from the Liberals’ dismal record.

In short, this whole theatrical performance is designed to make you forget about the last eight years!

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