A Fool’s Paradise

CAUTION: Beware of relenting Democrats because they play a zero-sum game. The only problem with them is, so does President Trump!

Sure, the  Democrats caved to the silent treatment from President Trump – stomping every moment. Choosing Illegal Aliens over Citizens was never a good track to take but they learned the hard way, going up against the Trump Machine is a no-win for them.

For probably the first time in modern history, Republicans were steadfast to the goals we voted for a year ago last November. No more flowery deals with bad end games for citizens. The serious bit of this all is we can’t rest on our laurels. We need to continue to fight alongside the President, even when odds don’t look so hot.

Schumer’s big speech in front of the Senate was uninspiring and filled with protest along with damning sentiments but it was probably a very bitter pill to swallow in his world. He believed they could shutdown the government and everything would be swell. He believed, along with many others, they could overtly choose illegal aliens and we would fall lockstep with Republicans’ history of losing at these push-to-shovel machinations.

Guess Mr. Schumer was flat out wrong. And the messaging even on the White House Voicemail indicated as such.

Americans, we are a point in history much like the Founding Fathers were when they decided we would no longer live under the tyranny of the British Rule. It was a tough decision and one without any path to winning but they went for it. Much like what we did when we elected Donald Trump, they held true to their values and vision for America.

Even with the Trump win, it was only the beginning because Democrats are much like petulant children who are used to getting their way, they will not relent on any long term basis. We will have to continue to demand our freedoms – it’s not a short game here.

Therefore, while it is grand news the government will reopen, we must not rest and think that’s the end of the road. We’re about 1 miles into a 10,000 mile journey that needs to be our focus everyday. We want freedoms to stay in tact, we’ll have to assure they are without pause.

Congratulations, Patriots. You have been vigilant over the weekend with our beloved President at the helm. Keep your eyes and hearts on him and let’s bring this puppy all the way home so globalism will never grace our shores again!

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