A Farce or an Opportunity?

Knowing that Matt Lauer was part of the Clinton Foundation cabal, to say I was skeptical about the MSNBC’s Commander In Chief Forum going in, is an understatement. Furthermore, given her honesty issues, I was not disappointed when my suspicions that Hillary Clinton’s portion of the townhall was pure pulp fiction made up of lollipops and fairy tales, as this has become the former Secretary of State’s stock in trade.

Given she has no real platform and her campaign strategy is to smear her opponent while trying desperately to deflect from her criminality and lack of honesty, it is not surprising when one veteran questioned her on Classified Information, she gave a litany of bull that could span from here to Beijing.

Lauer wasted no time with Donald Trump, hitting him with the drummed up false narratives the Media has been desperately trying to hurl his way — with such questions as: “Is it true that you distrust military leaders?” Even though Trump firmly stated it was not the military but Obama’s leadership of said military, today the headlines still ring out the half-baked answer as if he affirmed not clarified his answer.

We all knew it would be a time of great fodder but many still watched to see how the different candidates were treated by Clinton’s co-foundation buddy. While he soft shoed many questions to Mrs. Clinton, he hit Trump hard and often interrupted his answers. As predicted, Clinton took every moment possible to bash Trump but gave the audience little substance that actually was based in any kind of reality.

One interesting note I’d like to point out is, it was very interesting how Clinton could recall in detail the events around 2003’s decision to invade Iraq and all the toils but couldn’t remember her classified briefings when being interviewed by the FBI in July. Did she do her homework or was that bug in her ear (literally) feeding her the answers to prescreened questions?

Obama's Ear Bug in third debate 2012
Obama’s Ear Bug in third debate 2012 – Click to Enlarge

Many saw this same type of bug in Obama’s ear during the third debate in 2012; however, nothing was obviously done to avoid this ‘cheating’ from happening in the future – as many images are on the internet with the bug clearly visible for all to see.

Additionally, the night, KellyAnne Conway, Trump campaign manager told Sean Hannity the forum gave the Trump campaign more sound bytes to use for future commercials as Clinton clearly has a flare towards giving new lies to age-old questions.

Click to Enlarge

A simple townhall and Clinton still resorted to cheating and lying. It’s clear her lust for power supersedes any genuine desire to be the President of the people. Her wonderlust is purely based in power grabs and self-enrichment.

Now, who in the world would vote for this?

Furthermore, after the forum, on Twitter, several polls popped up. In every poll, Donald Trump was the clear winner of the night! And this is in spite of his grilling verses Clinton’s more softball questioning by her ole bud.

The farce was watching Clinton double down and reinvent more lies for the stew of deceit, but the opportunity is the country got to witness more evidence that Trump has the temperament to run this country along with a military savvy that is focused on building up our depleted arsenal and making America First!

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