A Book Deal for Comey? Why?

Just when you think things aren’t vapid enough, along comes news that some publisher has offered Big Jim a publishing deal worth $10 million smackaroos? The question here, folks, is why?

The once-legal eagle’s reputation is severely tarnished and his credibility is shot, so what does this publisher expect to gain? We’re not talking about a real story filled with intrigue and suspense. It’ll be more like a weakling’s inability to serve for even half his allotted term in the Bureau.

By law, former FBI Director James Comey will not be able to talk about ninety percent of most of the investigations regarding Hillary and given there were no investigations on President Trump, what are we to expect from such a book? Redacted page after redacted page of nothingness? Even if he does write, almost everything he witnessed can be classified by who at a moment’s notice?

This is a good case for not shitting where you once ate. Trump’s team could shut this down so fast, Big Jim could be thrown off his feet! Given the fact he’s done nothing but try to thwart the President getting the People’s business done, who would really care?

Whoever thinks Jim’s tale of woe is worth anything over ten cents has to be out their mind or dealing in pulp fiction. Comey has shown the world his way of weaving insidious stories filled with crystal ball conjecture and his mind full being full of mush. After all, like he said, he’s 56 and can’t remember when it’s convenient to forget. Only his target got the graciousness of a written account, months after the fact.

It’s a law that inmates aren’t allowed to profit from their crimes while incarcerated so it would seem this publisher has jumped a huge shark and maybe a couple of whales in the process. When all is said and done, this may turn out for Comey to be a nothingburger (like the job he did at the FBI) which is frankly what he deserves. His disloyalty to the American people would be a better edge novella than his nefarious climb to the top without an ounce of moral integrity in his body, soul or mind.

Surely this will end on some bargain shelf bin should it really come to fruition. If anything, I’d think this is nothing more than some PR machine maneuver at a publishing house or the Comey house to regain some relevance.

The better book to sign would be all the agents who worked under his dictatorial leadership to discuss his constant thwarting of the multitude of cases he bungled as director. From the sounds of it, this would be a much better story to read because there’s so many cases he screwed up or subverted to cover his friends.

In truth if such a deal really is being negotiated, they would best ascertain whether or not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would sign the necessary releases for such a writing – as well as the Department of Justice, White House Legal, and all the other agencies involved in Comey’s dog and pony show. It would stand to reason, given his many enemies in DC and beyond, Comey would be hard-pressed to get any signatures due to him squat pissing on everyone around him.

Word to the wise, it might be a better course for Jimmy to save his $11M net worth for his upcoming criminal defense lawyer team rather than running around trying to generate a book sale at this time. As many of you know, Trump’s attorney Marc Kasowitz is drafting several complaints and the OIC has already been investigating Jimster for over three months for his wrongdoing as director!

If anything, Comey should be more concerned about keeping his 6’8″ frame from going to the orange jumpsuit store for big and tall!

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