A Big Snow Job?

By Thornton Crowe
Published on Salisbury News

Back in 2012, Republicans were not enchanted with Romney. Fact is, many voted for old Mitt because they were stuck with him!

We all knew he was more liberal than conservative in every way possible. Things like the Romneycare disaster in Massachusetts while he was governor and other inclinations led us to believe he was more Democrat ‘Lite’ than a real conservative. However, from the previous three years prior, we saw the Democrat dominated DC establishment pass insane (and unconstitutional) legislature like Obamacare without so much as reading the bill in its entirety. People wanted this practice to stop because these Omnibills contain other nuisance laws and regulations which have proven to be economy killers.

Along came Paul Ryan – the dazzling Congressman from Wisconsin. He had the appeal of visual similarities to Reagan and his conservative views were supposedly legendary on the Hill. We saw promise and many probably wished he was the headliner on the ticket. He made voting for Romney a little less problematic. He seemed like the golden boy next door who had a small town mentality. Claiming Atlas Shrugged was one of his all-time favorite books while professing his adoration of its author, Ayn Rand, he had us believing that he truly looked to limit governmental inference in our lives.

Fast forward to the present…

After becoming the supposedly reluctant Speaker of the House, he has turned into every American citizen’s nightmare. Surely, Ayn is rolling in her grave at the thought this faker would ever quote her work as his inspiration as he’s a polar opposite of everything she professed and held dear!

gettyimages-471458792Ryan has participated and proposed more legislation that has further damage Americans’ livelihoods, restricted freedoms and now, has us facing a literal invasion of unvetted Muslims into our communities. No secret is many top intelligence officials have vehemently warned that ISIS has infiltrated these refugees, ready to bring out about America’s demise yet, he refuses to halt this migration. Last week, he lied to O’Reilly and us about a pause on migration from Somalia as well as Syria. Then there was his support for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which has led to millions of jobs to leave America for foreign lands; putting millions out of work at a time when people are struggling to meet the cost of living increases. The latest dagger is, when the barrel prices fell, Ryan sided with Obama to impose an additional cost of $10 to pay for an international green slush fund, which would keep our gas prices high regardless of oil’s market price!

To make matters even more worse (if they could be), when one really investigates Ryan’s associations – namely his wife, we find she’s actually a very successful (and rich) Democrat lobbyist. Now, how can a man sleep with a special interest opponent every night and then turn around and represent the American people in an unbiased, fair manner?

In essence, Ryan has made his intentions (and his corruption of self interest) quite clear and revealed, he’s a man with a price tag – open to the highest money bidder. Sound familiar?

trumpWhat’s brought to light the real hypocrisy of Paul Ryan is one candidate: Donald Trump.

Trump’s campaign, has exposed all the ‘career’ politicians who do not put Americans first. He has ripped away their disguise and revealed who they really are. Unfortunately, even our own governor has proven to not be on board with making Americans first and foremost with his refusal to support Trump – a provocative move that will surely lose many votes for Hogan in his next election.

This last week in the most underhanded manner, Ryan now threatens to ‘sue’ Trump over the Muslim ban (which is temporary only to find a way to vet people before they enter the US). Interesting, if he had been this vigilant against Obama, chances are Americans wouldn’t be experiencing this downturn economy or being gunned down in nightclubs. Yet, Ryan doesn’t seem to embrace the traitorous tones of his actions against Americans. He now has opened up the floodgates and, personally, I wonder if we the people should sue him!

Obama.JPEG-0717d_c0-82-2601-1598_s885x516Ryan has proven to Americans without any doubt, he is more establishment-based and voting for his own self-interests than that of the Americans he’s sworn to represent. His capitulation to Obama’s various green initiatives (which are just code for World Order political grabs) and other Americans last legislation, has proven Paul Ryan is not only a traitor as a faux Conservative, he’s a sham and the ultimate con artist. He is a man never to be trusted with a position such as Speaker nor should he even be in Congress.

paul-nehlenEnters Paul Nehlen, who, like Trump, is a Wisconsin native billionaire who got fed up with DC elites and their treasonous maneuvers that work against Americans. There have been many ups and downs in that primary which will only be settled on August 9th when Wisconsin heads to the polls. However Ryan’s lead may be in the press, many voters weighing in are unimpressed with their once golden boy and looking at his challenger in a more serious light. Locals are not the only ones promoting Nehlen as people from all over the country have been donating to his campaign so he can win in the primary – which will bounce Ryan from Congress altogether in January 2017. Perhaps it’s Ryan who is not who Americans are as his

We’ll have to see as the summer moves forward towards the General how this will shake out. The DC Establishment is head over heels in soap opera antics to try to thwart it’s own candidate, in spite of Trump’s massive popularity! In fact, his un-adoring fellow Republicans may be just the reason for his popularity because he gives Americans a real choice this election:

Do you want business as usual corruption in DC (the establishment) or do you want a candidate that loves his country so much he would put up with all this mess to save it (the outsider)? The choice is yours.

How say you…

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