A Big Dose of the Karma Pill

Looks like smug former big pharma CEO from Turing Pharmaceuticals, Martin Shkreli, just got a huge dose of Karma when he was convicted of three felony counts of Securities Fraud out of eight counts yesterday in Brooklyn, New York. We’ll take one if it means this boy sees a cell and orange in the near future.

While the press is just treating it nonchalantly, surely the millions who needed the antiparasitic drug, Daraprim, used for treating AIDs that went from $13.50 a pill to a whopping $750.00 per pill a few years back, have finally had some sense of justice!

When Shkreli testified on the Hill regarding his sweeping price hike which caused many to go without the drug, he plead the Fifth with all the cockiness of a young Millennial Jerk.

Since then, Shkreli has been far from popular – known as the most hated man in America, even though he was ceremoniously fired from his cushy Turing gig. No one will hold any sympathy for Marty today as he now looks at being sentenced soon for his convictions. Now, a convicted felon, he’ll join the ranks of Bernie Madoff and others who committed white crime and got busted.

Karma doesn’t come without its sense of irony…

The shame for Marty is this, he’s a classic narcissist. Therefore, his fade into criminal obscurity will be painful for him because he feeds off the limelight he’s garnered from his big pharma sham. Hence, he will fade into the belfries of nothingness as he heads off to some Federal penitentiary facility in West Virginia or some other parts unknow (maybe Gitmo) and no one will care about him anymore.

Unfortunately for Marty, he may find himself more than popular in prison with all the wrong fellows.

The only advice we have for him is, Don’t Drop The Soap!” Adios, twerp!

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