Was Anthony Scalia Assassinated?

With the Wikileaks details coming out daily, interesting emails from the John Podesta collection would certainly indicated there was foreknowledge that the Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Scalia would be eliminated just a couple days before he died of alleged natural causes.

As you can see from the email dated, February 9, 2016, Podesta discusses Wetworks – a term used ironically by the KGB for assassination. Now why would he be discussing with whomever elmendorf@teamsubjectmatter.com the term wetwork? Coincidence or plot to eliminate a Justice highly known for his conservative values and stance — bent on protecting our Constitutional rights?

Yes, Justice Scalia was elderly; however, he was in much better shape than Ginsberg – the Justice whom often naps at State of the Union addresses. The fact that no autopsy was order also leads us to wonder why. Perhaps his doctor did confirm some ailment; however, given the circumstances his body was found in, an autopsy would be ordered as rote by any law enforcement agency.

When was the last time you woke up with the pillow case over your head?

It is is historical fact that whenever Scalia went to these retreats, he didn’t take his security detail with him. Therefore, he was there unprotected – amongst ‘friends.’ As we all know, in a cesspool of deceit and criminal corruption like DC, who really has ‘friends?’

Also readers should note: The ranch where Scalia was on his hunting/meeting trip is known for its vineyards and the email before his death, indicates vineyard in Podesta’s glib response.

The second bit of evidence to indicate Podesta was ‘in the know’ was the second email to surface regarding obliquely to Scalia on the day of his death. Clinton Campaign Manager clearly gets pitched on a Supreme Court Justice for Scalia’s replacement. Talk about not even letting the body get cold?

Podesta is, after all, a law professor at Georgetown University (still?) and one could suppose he was being position by another to tidy up matters, but seriously?

This fact chain just doesn’t look good, especially in concert with all the ‘suspicious’ death that has surrounded the Clintons for decades.

Is Scalia number 62? Who knows but the Wikileaks emails certainly don’t look so hot for Clinton camp as it raises more questions but gives answers steeped in double talk and peculiar timing!


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