BLM: Just Another Word For HATE GROUP!

“A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society.”

 This is a comment I posted on Breitbart News in response to the students at Portland State being shut down by the BLM movement (if you can it that).

The article discusses the happenings, along with a video that shows students proclaiming they are a part of the BLM, shutting down the First Amendment rights of students organizing for Trump. They have also protested the Clinton rallies, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. As you will see from the video below, it’s only going to have the reverse effect with the voting public, much like the DNC Convention in 1968.

While many of you may not support Trump as I do, you can’t ignore the fact that this whole movement has become nothing more than a paid hate group, bent on destroying everyone’s rights to free speech – that is, other than their own. Here’s is my comment:

Okay. Let’s fast forward five years from now. These BLM students can’t find jobs because no doubt employers will see their mugs on videos like the one above and won’t hire them. Why? Because they’ll be construed as agitators and radicals – two of which no employer in his/her right mind will want to hire for fear they’ll bring this nonsense into their workplace when they don’t get their way.

Living in mommy & daddy’s basements working their Part Time jobs (if they can find one) making $15 an hour because of the minimum wage will only go so far because they’ll be forced to pay off the Student Loan debt they amassed while pursuing their collegiate careers as paid agitators by Soros. If they don’t pay, US Marshals will show on their parents’ doorsteps demanding money or they get carted off to jail. I seriously doubt Soros will have any use for these useful idiots when they get out of school because school is their only leverage.

How will they enjoy their iPhones and other trinkets when they’re not making any money? How will they support anything close to the American Dream they have stomped on and demonized?

What their little protests denotes in the really real world is they are a bunch of underinformed misfits, whom never took the time to read the candidates’ platforms and looked at their records for results. These misfits only eat the MSM pie, which as any adult knows is full of crap, and gobbled it down without an ounce of common sense.

Whose at fault? Well, it’s partly the college’s fault as their purpose is not to just teach facts and figures, it’s also goal (as per most of the university and college websites proclaim) to teach DISCERNMENT. Meaning getting all the facts and making sound judgments and decisions based on those facts.

Unlike the protests of the 60s student movement had a purpose – to implement real change and tear down the walls of discrimination and government control, this ‘movement’ if you can call it that, is nothing more than a giant temper tantrum because Trump or whoever else isn’t hip or cool — yet, they have no clue that the man controlling them and funding them wants them to be gobbled up into a NWO BS agenda which will rip away not only America’s sovereignty but also discard the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; thus, stripping these little urchins of their own First Amendment Right to free speech.

Useful idiots are fleeting yet their consequences live well beyond any election. America’s college KIDS are not adults; therefore, perhaps it’s time we rethink their ability to VOTE like one as clearly they don’t have the discretion and logic to warrant such a heavy responsibility in choosing our leaders.

I see these urchins as misfits because no doubt they will be unable to adjust to post-grad life as most because these sanctioned temper tantrums will eventually fall out of vogue. While their original protest was against a young black man supposedly cut down by the police, it has morphed into a massive hate group that has reeked destruction and sought to terrorize citizens with their violent tactics and racial slurs against whites. This is not how you change people’s minds.

I had a comment from another person stating that he has become racist because of BLM. This is going in the way wrong direction and it’s time universities started to school kids on the real movements that proffered Civil Rights for EVERYONE, not just black people. Many on twitter – mostly black people – have denounced this group and said it has caused much shame to the black community.

My assessment is that it has done nothing but dial back the Civil Rights Movement altogether – as it has aligned itself with social and physical terrorism. This is what constitutes a Hate Group no better than the KKK. Furthermore, it’s logic is no different than if we were to re-declare war on Germany for the Holocaust. It makes no sense and frankly, it worries me about the future generations’ ability to make sound judgments and earn a living.

As I said in the comment, employers will be looking at these videos and making judgment calls as to whether or not they want agitators and radicals working in their office/business. We already know from the MSM that they look at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to see if candidates are viable. What are these kids going to do when the Financial Aid runs out and they need a real job to support themselves? Do you really think Soros can hire them all? No!

So it is up to us older generations to stop this madness and try to inspire better moral principles. This starts at home.

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