Rubio: The Real Con Man

While Marco Rubio (R-FL) presents himself as the downtrodden background of two refugees escaping Cuba’s Fidel Castro, he tends to hide a whole of his past that is murky and fraught with controversy most voters would none too appreciate.

A lot of hot rhetoric has been circulating these days with the GOP candidates vying for the nomination on the Republican ticket; heading into the General Election season. With all things considered, for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is most likely going to be the first female presidential candidate. Given her salacious personal life with her cheating ex-president husband Bill along with the ever-growing e-mail scandal and Clinton Foundation money laundering activities, to say she’s flawed is to put it very mildly.

Even with all her negatives, the GOPe is supposedly all in a twist over the possibility of Trump’s nomination because they don’t believe he could beat her. However, with such a weak candidate on the DNC side, how could even the local mayor lose to this woman is a mystery.

What lies beneath this turbulent time in the RNC, the real deal is they’re afraid that Trump will tip their prosperous, donor class apple cart. So they have now all rallied behind one candidate: Rubio. All the big guns are toting his unlikely nomination including famous politicians like Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) most widely known for the Benghazi investigation.

Ironically, during his time in the Senate, he has had the worst absentee non-voting record on behalf of Floridians than anyone with the exception of Obama, Clinton and Cruz. (Funny, can’t do a gig in Senate so, hey – I’m ready for the White House?) Please. As you can see from graph, he ranks up there with an illustrious bunch.  No wonder Santorum couldn’t remember his accomplishments — there were NONE!

Rubio would look to most as the perfect candidate; however, with just a touch of investigation, one finds a plethora of reasons why he is unfit for the presidential commission. While his voting absentee record is deplorable and his actions going against the Tea Party principles after they anointed him as their darling elect; he hides a word full of crime, shady real estate deals, donor/lobbyist favoritism (for a price of course) and ties to duplicitous people in and out of the Florida region.

Let us not forget Chris Christie’s exposing him as a fraud.

Trump told the truth in the 8th debate when he said Rubio bought a home for $180K then turned around to sell it to a lobbyist’s mother for about $380K. Making a cool $200K profit on a home he didn’t put a dime down as a down payment. By happenstance, fate or inconvenient truth, after that purchase, the lobbyist’s legislature was given the Rubio seal of approval. Hurting many Floridians, the malpractice fraud as a result of this legislation sky rocketed.

Rubio’s unscrupulous use of the RNC credit card when he was in the House is beyond any mid-level embezzlement. He used the credit card for personal expenditures like a $22,000.00 driveway (for his home), $130.00 haircuts and at least, six trips to resorts (one being with a purported mistress.) When busted for his nefarious actions, his answer was, “Oh, I used the wrong credit card?” Now does this sound like a kid caught in the cookie jar or what?

Another point is Rubio’s connections to drug cartels with his brother in law – drug dealer turned Realtor in the south Florida area. This is not mystery or hard to find factoid but the mainstream media seems to turn a blind eye to this reality in his life. Also in regards to his drug cartel involvement, he has mingled with Joel Steinger, founder of a private company called Mutual Benefits Corporation. Steinger’s activities included a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme that targeted elderly Floridians as well as members from the gay community. Furthermore, the company also assisted in money laundering efforts of a South American drug cartel.

Other clandestine dealings and associations like Aaron Schock’s questionable fundraising efforts are also problemsome for the any voter who wants to vote for a principled candidate who is free of ‘monetary misdeeds.’ This is developing so more on it later…

Additionally, he has continuously carried on extra marital affairs with at least two lobbyists, Amber Stone – a who worked for him when he headed of the Florida Republican Party and then went on to become a lobbyist for the healthcare industry. The second is Dana Hudson, whom has made her affair no secret with her gushing on twitter and other social media. Hudson is based in DC, working as an advocate for Homeland Security. It is reputed that while Mrs. Rubio is well aware of her husband’s infidelities, as long as she and her children are taken care of, she is not worried nor concerned.

His infidelities and flirtations with drugs and alternate lifestyles completely erode the web of deception he has perpetrated on voters – not just Floridians but also the country at large.

Now, I ask you, given the pertinence of this election, can we really afford to have this man in the White House – even as a Vice President candidate? 

More to come as I unravel this complicated web of the Rubio Myth…

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