Hillary’s Dishonesty is Getting Old…

Watching the news and seeing Hillary Clinton’s continuous denials of any wrongdoing is getting old to watch. She constantly changes her story and words to emanate that she has done nothing wrong even though it’s established fact that she was not allowed to use a private server for her emails dealing with State Department business. She is getting to the point of looking like her skirt-chasing hubby when he said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”

Just because you repeat the same meme like some mindless robot, doesn’t make it so.

Who does she think she’s fooling? Her poll numbers are plummeting, Liberals are opting for the Socialist rantings of Bernie Sanders as opposed to staying in her camp and some spokespeople (celebrities) are being to distance themselves from her campaign. Doesn’t she see the writing on the wall or is she that saturated in the entitlement revelry that she has convinced herself she has some chance?

The Clintons have always enjoyed this bubble, leaving them free to do as they please regardless of laws, rules or regulations. An example is the money-laundering schema they have been enjoying with their charity (sic) the Clinton Foundation. Incidentally, her interviews don’t even broach that subject.

I know many think she has this primary in the bag, but I, for one, am waiting for the fat singer to sing before resigning to her possible presidency. I think her chickens are about to come back to haunt her – as they should. She is not immune to the law and should not be allowed to continue even in this primary. I fully agree with the others whom state she should be indicted of her crimes against the country and held accountable. The same goes for Bill Clinton.

How say you?

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