Hon. Neil Gorsuch was nominated for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court as a result of Justice Scalia’s death last February and since, the Left has been hell... Read more »

SESSIONS: A Sigh of Relief

After almost a decade of lawlessness in the Department of Justice, promoted by a highly politicized agency headed by those who were more interested in covering the wrong-doing rather... Read more »

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VISAs: Should America Halt Them Altogether?

The proposal is not too extreme when looking at what’s going on in Europe right now. The violence is horrific, crime has escalated and most is due to the... Read more »

Big Difference… Change is not Always a Good Thing!

It’s interesting to see the changes that occur over decades. Nothing is more descriptive than this image floating around Twitter. Amazing, isn’t it? Perhaps the Draft should be reinstated... Read more »

FINALLY! Someone Shut Her Up!

Never being a big Fan of Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) because of her blatant lies about her heritage in order to gain entrance in Harvard, it was such a great... Read more »

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Know Who is POTUS

Democrats are imploding and its becoming more obvious with each day they are flustered by their massive power loss on the Hill. Yesterday, Maxine Waters had the audacity to... Read more »

CA State Senate Leader Promotes ID Theft!

Hardworking, law abiding illegal aliens? This guy actually thinks this makes sense which is even more disturbing than the crimes he promotes! Watching this not only brings about the... Read more »

JUDICIAL ACTIVISM: Endangering Your Life for Politics

President Trump signed an immigration pause last Saturday, and since then, judges on the Federal Courts have challenged his legal and constitutional executive order, while putting everyone at risk.... Read more »