15,000 & Counting…

In addition to the 30,000 emails turned over to the State Department, now the FBI is reporting an additional 15,000 have been found. Apparently, these emails have literally thousands upon thousands of documents. A staggering discovering considering the volume alone is more than most have ever sent or received combined in one lifetime. This leads me to wonder: Did Hillary Clinton ever leave her desk while she was Secretary of State? How many emails can one person get in the course of a four year period?

Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post claims this find will have no effect on FBI Director Comey’s prior exoneration; however, with six additional investigations now going in multiple jurisdictions on the Clinton Foundation, can the reporter really make such an assumption responsibly? I should say not…

Update: It seems that these emails show the Clinton State Department granted special access to Top Donors of none other than, the Clinton Foundation! Well, it seems this only sweetens the potpourri of evidence now available to finally bring the Clintons to justice!

Perhaps this is why Clinton and her posse are trying so hard to deflect as her candidacy is in some serious trouble.

Additionally, as per Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has issued an order for her to answer for the handling of email during her tenure. The answers have to be submitted to the court and JW within thirty days. Meaning, we will get to see them long before election day – along with possibly seeing the emails as well.

Update: Just to let you know, these answers are to be taken under oath unlike her milk and cookies interview with the FBI last Independence Day weekend.

One would think that given her ineptitude with technology, Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t be able to generate this kind of electronic trail. After all, didn’t Director Comey state she was clearly not sophisticated enough to know what she was doing?

Even with junk mail, it’s hard to believe someone could generate such email and do anything but sit around all day writing and sending electronic messages, so why would we want this person squatting in the White House?


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