Political Justice?

Her job is to uphold the Constitution regardless of her personal politics. She is supposed to do her job as an apolitical person – justice being blind.

As if the last two weeks hadn’t exposed the Justice Discrepancy to Americans – galvanizing our distrust for everything within the Beltway territory… alas, here comes Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

In an unprecedented act from the Judicial branch of our government, Justice Ginsburg decided to weigh in on presumptive Republican Nominee, Donald Trump in some scathing remarks to reporters. The problem is, given everything the country’s been put through as of late with the Department of Justice, she couldn’t pick a worse time to vocalize her opinion.

Appointed by former President Bill Clinton, she has enjoyed her lifetime appointment in the Ivory Tower of Justice. Therefore, it’s no surprise she would unscrupulously support corrupt Hillary Clinton despite the obvious shortcomings and criminality. However, her incendiary public vilification of a candidate for president, is another thing entirely. No one begrudges judges to have opinions, political as they may be, when a judge presides on the highest court of the land speaks out in a media forum, this mars the Supreme Court and presumption of impartiality.

Justice as we’ve seen this last week is far from blind and often politically motivated rather than legally based on Constitutional stance. Given Ginsburg’s remarks, it is no mystery should our election end with a 2000 lawsuit, she would have to recuse herself for her partiality against Trump. It wouldn’t be a call, it would be an adamant demand from everyone!

With Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI James Comey, many Americans now question our justice system and the presence of a two legal – double standard showing favoritism to some while holding others to our legal framework. Americans’ faith in our justice system has not just been fractured but altogether shattered over the e-mail server debacle.

Most Americans agree, given the legal and honesty issues with Clinton, they would pick Trump’s controversial stances over criminality. We know had we done what she did, we would all be serving 10-30 in our local penitentiaries.  Unfortunately, Democrats like Justice Ginsburg, believe most of us are just the unformed masses not to be taken serious.

Oh, how they’re wrong. We might not be Columbia law graduates but we know bias when we see it. Haven’t liberals realized by this point, social media has pulled the world off most Americans’ eyes? Now, more than ever, people are engaged, emboldened and not willing to blindly accept opinions we know are based on baiting.

Ginsburg’s reckless remarks has only served to amp up the cries for equal justice within our government infrastructure. Unfortunately, with all this divide, by inserting herself  needlessly, she has encroached on the Supreme Court’s credibility for many. Furthermore her indiscretion has been questioned in a bi-partisan fashion as some fellow Democrats have denounced her actions.

Trump has called for an apology from her, but others have called for her resignation. Additionally, while they may possibly agree with her, she has put her colleagues in a most precarious position as her audaciously political bias now in the public, she has also left them suspect as well. In reality, she knows she should not have made such statements but by doing so, she has impugned perceptions of the High Court.

Additionally, she’s inadvertently brought to light the issue that questions whether any branch of government should ever be granted a lifetime appointment. While Justice Ginsburg holds all her mental faculties firmly in tact, she has caused many to question whether any justices should continue to hold their appointments until their deaths.

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